APLA Code of Conduct

APLA has a responsibility to all members with their differing prospecting interests, to ensure their rights are protected and to maintain and further our high profile.  It is therefore essential that our members agree to uphold APLA's principles and support our charter by their actions and behaviours. At an AGM APLA members voted for a code of conduct for all members to endorse annually on membership renewal and for all new members.

The CODE of CONDUCT is set out below.

APLA Code of Conduct


  • Members will always conduct themselves in a responsible manner towards protecting and furthering the interests of Prospectors and Leaseholders


  • Members will abide by the provisions of the WA Mining Act 1978 and Regulations and any subsequent changes or Acts, following the guidelines in the Prospecting WA booklet issued by the Department of Mines, Industry, Regulation and Safety (DMIRS).


  • Members will act to support APLA and prospecting in general, including on Social Media sites and public forums.


  • Members will always abide by tenement holder’s legitimate requests when prospecting on a granted tenement.


  • Members will minimise environmental impact and maintain and leave campsites clean.


  • Members will abide by main roads closures and prevent unnecessary damage to pastoral roads infrastructure and tracks.


  • Members will display courtesy and consideration to other prospectors in the field and maintain a respectable distance from their activities.


  • Members will display courtesy and consideration to other land users such as Pastoral Lease Holders and ensure that they do not damage Pastoral Infrastructure and make every effort to contact them when going on the Pastoral Leases.