APLA Code of Conduct

APLA has a responsibility to all members with their differing prospecting interests, to ensure their rights are protected and to maintain and further our high profile.  It is therefore essential that our members agree to uphold APLA's principles and support our charter by their actions and behaviors. At an AGM APLA members voted for a code of conduct for all members to endorse annually on membership renewal and for all new members.

The CODE of CONDUCT is set out below.

  • Members will conduct themselves in a responsible manner at all times towards protecting and furthering the interests of Prospectors and Leaseholders.
  • Members will abide by the provisions of the WA Mining Act 1978 and Regulations, and follow the guidelines in the Prospecting WA booklet issued by the Dept of Mines and Petroleum.
  • Members will act to support APLA and prospecting in general.
  • Members will abide by tenement holders legitimate requests at all times when prospecting on a granted tenement.
  • Members will minimise environmental impact and maintain and leave clean campsites.
  • Members will abide by main roads closures and prevent unnecessary damage to pastoral roads and tracks.
  • Members will display courtesy and consideration to other prospectors in the field and maintain a respectable distance from their activities.

Benefits of becoming an APLA member.

Becoming a member of APLA has many advantages.The Key benefit is that APLA fights for Members,  ALL Prospectors and  ALL Leaseholder's rights at Forums like the Resource Industry Consultative Committee (Formerly - Mining Industry Liason Council) and by representation to Government Departments and Political Bodies.
APLA members also get a free subscription to the regular online magazine as well as invitations to Association events and training.  APLA members go on bush camps and prospecting trips. Financial APLA Members are covered by $20million Public Liability Insurance automatically when they are prospecting as an amateur legally. (See the Terms and Conditions relating to Public Liability Insurance!)

Postal Address is PO Box 2570 Boulder WA 6432

There are five APLA Branches in WA - Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury, Albany and Kalgoorlie for your convenience and access to experienced members.

Membership Costs are minor compared to the benefits - Full Member $110pa. Family (2 adults and 2 kids under 16) $150pa, Pensioner $80pa, Pensioner Couple $110pa...Join Now!
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