Member Benefits

The pages below and to the left provide the ability for Members to purchase merchandise via APLA or view discounts and benefits that are offered to APLA Members by Organizations and businesses.

APLA appreciates their support and hope you can take advantage of the offers that are available.

APLA does not take any responsibility for the products that are offered to members - it is up to members to do due diligence on whatever products they purchase from the businesses that offer discounts on these pages.

Please note that Discounts To APLA Members pages are only available to APLA members.

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 Goldtracker  GoldTracker WA  APLA Member only offer for a large number of GoldTracker Database searches for a limited time.
GoldTracker is a database program that gives a score for the potential of finding gold at over 1.2million places in WA.
 St John Ambulance  APLA Members Only with a discount  code 20%
 St John Ambulance APLA Members Offer Page
 Camper Trailers WA

10% Discount if you show them your APLA Card, on Hire of Camper Trailers.

Camper Trailers WA Web Page