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APLA is concerned about Safety in the Bush for Members and Prospectors in General.

Inexperienced People Getting Lost and Risking Their Lives in the Bush

APLA is very concerned about the increasing incidence of people getting lost and due to poor preparation or knowledge they risk their lives when going prospecting.

APLA regularly conducts information sessions for members at Branch Meetings and the APLA Annual General Meeting about safety in the bush and new communication equipment that can be used to ensure a quick recovery if you are lost in the Bush.

Make sure you are aware and prepared for any emergency while you are prospecting so you are safe.


Checklist for Safety and Goldfields Contact Numbers (Laverton to Kalgoorlie Region)

(thanks to the Leonora Police Station for providing these Information Sheets to APLA at the 2018 AGM)


Prospectors Information Sheet - Safety Checklist.pdf

The Checklist covers:

  • Before you Leave to go Prospecting.
  • Communication Devices.
  • In The Bush.
  • Contacts for Emergency Life Threatening Situations.


Leonora Police Station Prospectors Safety Form

Leonora Police Station has also provided an emergency Safety form for Prospectors  which can be filled out and left at the Police Station if you are travelling to remote areas. A link to that is also included below. Remember that form could also be used by other remote police stations as well and the information could be crucial in quickly finding or communicating with you if needed.


2018_10_18-Prospectors Safety Form.pdf


There Have been Regular Articles on Safety in the Datum Post Issues for APLA Members;

August 2018

- Medicine and Safety in the Bush

June 2018

- OFF Road GPS's

- Better Communication - Sat Phones

April 2018

- Personal Locator Beacons

December 2017

- HF Radios.

April 2017

- Survival Plans

February 2017

- Safety and Prospecting Navigation.


These reports and others are available to APLA members in the Datum Post Archives, members can access them here APLA Publications and Datum Post Archives